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Even the food experts of the world “the French” are having to clamp down to get chemicals out of their foods. A fascinating story called France’s Restaurants Face Regulation Over ‘House-Made’ Food came to us on July 3rd from Bloomberg Businessweek. Author Gregory Viscusi tells us that in France they are working on “reviving a failed bill that would restrict the use of the word restaurant only to establishments that make all their own food.”

NOTE: How special that would be if here in the US we could have some kind of distinction for eating places that prepare what we call “home-made” food.

He also tells us about another law already in place since 1998. “No bread shop can call itself a boulangerie unless the baker makes his own dough.” You might remember from a recent post that “real” bread has only four ingredients: flour, water, yeast, and salt.

NOTE: How special it would be for us to be able to identify bakeries that make their own bread from “real” ingredients.

“France is fanatically strict when it comes to labeling champagne, salt, butter, cheese, chocolate, and almost everything else you’d consume at a French meal.” Very nice!


With our nation’s huge concern over obesity, here is a thought. Passing laws to help restaurant-goers know what they are “really” eating would be very helpful. Many restaurants have been asked to abide by printing calories. This is helpful, but there is so much more that is important for consumers to know.

Sounds like we need a purity or “real food” level. For example, you just ate an egg and cheese bagel? Wouldn’t you like to know what percentage of your contents were real eggs, cheese, and bagel? This concept applies to a vast number of foods that we all commonly order and even all the prepared foods you find in most of our standard grocery stores.

August! The Month of Dignity

No time is better than the present to seek out real food for our real children. It is not easy to find in our country, but it is well worth the effort. Use the finest foods (fuels) to help your children have “sound” minds in “healthy” bodies.

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