August! Ready, Set, Go to School

China preschoolAugust’s still the summer.

Vacation time is ending.

The school year is approaching,

And brr months soon to come.

Transition is it. As you continue to enjoy summer, get ready for the new school year by being ready. Papers and projects galore are soon to enter your midst at a very fast pace. Get folders if you need them, file cabinets if you like those, and any kind of plastic bins that you think will help you stay organized. Taking these foundation steps now will help you avoid huge pockets of clutter in the future.

August! The Month of Dignity

Make dignity the word of the month for your family. Distinguished is another way to say it. Focus during this month of transition on developing self-esteem for this coming school year. Above all else, believe in your child. Here is what they say, “What you think of your child is what your child will think of him or herself.”

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