A Summer Poem for Kids!

Here is a wonderful summer poem to enjoy with your students this summer.

Canobie Lake Park

by Cynthia Goldberg

As printed in her new book A Tale of Two Cynthias

Recently we went to the park.
It wasn’t too bad.
It wasn’t too dark.
I had fun in the sun with my friends. I wish it never had to end.

The rides were cool.
Some were wet, and some were dry. Getting wet was part of life there. The summer ended,
And that was a bummer.

It’s been nice
And not too hot being in the spot light.
I’ve realized the spotlight is a great place to be. How cool and how much fun!
We make our own blessings,
Counting Angels one-by-one.

August! The Month of Dignity

Imagine thinking about an amusement park in terms of dignity? It looks like Cynthia did.


Teach each stanza separately to your students. Depending on their age and ability, use the sections to serve your own teaching purposes. Stanzas 1 & 2 seem great for drawing pictures. The last one is more abstract and might lend itself to a interesting conversation about “being in the spotlight.”

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