Mask-a-Docious (Mask Education)

Welcome to “Mask-a-Docious” (Mask Education)

Mask education is a new field that has emerged because the very act of breathing is being threatened.

We need it now as a way to protect people from using masks too much or incorrectly. First and foremost they interfere with breathing, and we need to stop that. Breathing is one of the four major ways to take care of the immune system! 

We know this information from a wonderful article by Emma Ferris published on December 26, 2018.

She tells us that “eating well, exercising, and sleeping adequate amounts improve the power of the immune system and “that the ‘simple’ act of breathing well and properly is most important of all?”     

The Science of Breathing and Immune Function

“Your immune system,” she explains, “keeps colds away. It’s your body’s front lines in the fight against illness. This protection system that provides immunity against infections and parasites is one of the most complex in the human body. It is a literal life-saving system of chemicals and proteins that fight off invaders in the form of viruses, harmful bacteria, and foreign bodies. 

There is more to it. “Your mental state influences your physical health. There is irrefutable evidence to show that positive thinking can make you healthier. When one examines how the body works, it’s easy to see. The functions of the brain are more chemical reactions. Synapses fire when we make thoughts. And our immune and lymphatic systems are chemical based. We are essentially a collection of chemicals, from our brains to our bones.”

The air we breathe converts into chemicals that we need to fuel our cells. The way we breathe matters and even impacts our blood chemistry.” 

And where does that lead us? To being educated about using masks. Avoid using them when possible!

Masks are not the only culprits hurting our children and families. 

  • Lockdowns cause loneliness that directly impairs the functioning of the immune system.
  • Not being able to be with family puts limits on help for older people, children and those with disabilities.
  • Anti-social distancing of six feet goes against the WHO recommendation of three feet, the normal space people ordinarily use with each other.
  • Creating unfriendly atmospheres adds to depressed thoughts that also damage the immune system.
  • Screen overuse reduces hands-on interactive learning and directly impacts normal brain growth and development.

Please continue to check in for “Mask Awareness!” Wearing masks unnecessarily is the one Covid-19 intervention responsible for hurting the immune system most. It blocks breathing instead of enhancing it.

Your breath is your life. You breathe about 25,000 times a day, and you don’t have to remember to do it. There is a reason for that–It is too important to be left to chance and too valuable not to give it all the TLC you can muster.

NOTE: Here is what the Apple Watch says, “Even a minute of breathing increases your concentration.”

More to come …

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