Quarantine Life

This is funny about “quarantine life,” but the situation we have created now because of it is not.  

The biggest problem is that our current interventions cause damage to our bodies, and the effects have already started—

*Immune system dysfunction as a result of mask overuse. Breathing air fully is a requirement, an absolute necessity. It is our “life.” If you are going to tamper with it by masks, you must do so very carefully.

We have an amazing filtering system that is tied to every single one of our 30 trillion cells (about). All of them work together to keep our bodies working efficiently. There are about six trillion electrochemical reactions taking place every second, and each one is coordinated with all the others.

*Brain irregularities created by too much screen usage. The brain is always growing and learning by what we experience.

*Depression brought about by loneliness. It is a direct response to too much time spent without other people.

*Impaired social and language skills created by decreased opportunities to interact and blockages by masks and 6′ anti-social distance requirements. 

And most important of all is the loss of love from missing extended family time and fun and learning from activities and traditional events.

The solution is right in front of our eyes. We just need to see it.

Start up small group gatherings with well-check requirements as soon as possible with life as we know it as normal as can be. Then study the results. Keep on increasing wellness practices and studying them as you go.

Here is the important first step to our nation’s recovery: Every case should be reported accurately by one of these categories.

     No symptoms

     Mild ones


In addition, all cases, hospitalizations and deaths need to be listed to include age, location and related reasons. If any are just from Covid-19 (not likely), that should be known too. 

Needed also is information compared to all other deaths. 

These are more specifics:

  • Masks must be limited back to appropriate use for all.
  • Zooms/screen usage should be cut to two hours a day as is professionally recommended.
  • Children have to have daily social time with friends, and adults need it too.
  • Moving and breathing opportunities must be brought back to daily living.
  • Real life provides much of the needed practices for health and well-being.
  • All interventions should be studied for safety and success, and reports should be made public as soon as possible.

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