Who is the “?????” (not sure of the right word that goes here) who says it is okay to cancel most of the pleasures of life on almost every level?

I just read in the October 11, 2020 issue of the NY Times this description of a homecoming at a major college in our country. 

It’s the brisk fall air that calls for fashionably layered outfits. It’s the smell of barbecue and fried fish at tailgates. It’s the sound of sorority songs and fraternity chants, the vibration of the band as majorette dancers rush onto the field. It’s the feel of Black joy and unity, as crowds of students and alumni sweep across campuses in droves, their school colors emblazoned on their shirts. It was one of those perfect moments of belonging. I can’t remember if we won or lost the game that year, but like the old Howard saying goes: “We’ve never lost a homecoming

Then came these words in the article … “It has been cancelled.” 

“This year festivities at most schools have been canceled because of the pandemic. Some are hosting digital events and virtual performances.” Others are just sorry they are “interrupting” normal life. 

Do you know that too many digital events are not good for people? Do you know that every virtual one that replaces a mobile and social activity has the equal and opposite reaction of hindering physical, social, language and self-esteem development? 

Do you how many people around our country have enjoyed experiences like this young man? Did you ever enjoy the football season in elementary school, high school, college or with professional teams? Did you not know any cheerleaders or twirlers? How about marching band members?

Football is so much more than the game. It encompasses the whole spirit of fall, and it is important as one of our very beautiful and exciting four seasons. 

Who is the “?????” who has the right to take away all this and more … without even thinking about the consequences? Why is there no thought to starting up appropriate, kind and safe “life” alternatives? Virtual can be helpful, but it should never be allowed to become a way of life.

NOTE: Those who now are growing up not experiencing these beautiful and exhilarating fall celebrations will never miss them. 

Small groups and all kinds of other common sense gatherings are fine and should be promoted at all costs. Just causing other problems and diseases to arise in the name of sound health practices is not acceptable.




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