“The Child, the Tablet and the Developing Mind”


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So many of our old sayings from generations past continue to make sense in modern times. Here are two that came to my mind after reading the New York Times article of March 31, 2013 titled “The Child, the Tablet and the Developing Mind.”

  • Two much of a good thing is not good.
  • Everything in moderation.

While we keep learning more about the human brain all the time, we already know quite a lot. We know that it continuously grows from the moment of birth until the day we die. It also grows the fastest right from birth and slows its rate little by little over time. Growing time is learning time. Growing for the brain is synonymous with learning and takes place no matter how much or what the quality of the particular exposure is.

Here’s the parent part! The richer the input your child receives, the faster the brain grows, and the bigger it actually becomes. We call the early years the learning years because the human being learns more and faster at that time than it ever will again as the years go by. While there is no specific formula for how to provide this input, it is important to know that we are a product of our experiences. The better they are, the higher the quality our lives will be.

As of now, according to this article, “We really don’t know the full neurological effects of these technologies yet.” On the other hand, it tells us that “we do know that the brain is highly sensitive to stimuli, like iPads and smartphone screens, and if people spend too much time with one technology, and less time interacting with people like parents (and loving others), that could hinder the development of certain communication skills.”

A Bouquet of Positive Feelings!

“All you need is love!” That music from the Beetles rings loudly in the ears of many. Whenever you see your child experiencing love, you can rest assured that the brain is very happy and growing at its absolute best.


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