The Power of Partnership!

Activity – Working Together, Not Apart!

Age Range – Preschool and Up

Areas Being Developed – Social Skills and creativity… all at one time!

Use any building set you have available like wooden blocks, Bristle Blocks, sponge letters or numbers, Legos, Tinker toys, Lincoln Logs, bottle caps (not too small to be swallowed), and more.

Then start off your students creating in partnership. One child begins and then the other child goes next. Have them keep taking turns adding pieces one-by-one. No rush, no fuss, just the simple fun of sharing time together in a very constructive way.

*Adapted from Make Your Own Preschool Games: A Personalized Play and Learn Program by Sally Goldberg, p. 106


As your students work in partnership, you will see their camaraderie grow. Interestingly enough, this is a wonderful way to teach your students to get along better with each other.

A Bouquet of Positive Feelings!

Here are three inspiring sayings that appear on the website Cynthia Goldberg… from my heart in her Bookmarks section. Please feel free to write each one out and post them in prominent places in your classroom for “positive feelings.”

* Peace creates magical wonders.

* Love others the way you want to be loved.

* Face your fears. Never give up. There is always time to give and care.



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