Listen and Communicate Effectively in 3 Easy Steps!

Constructive Parenting… It is important to listen and communicate with your child as often as possible to gain important information. Besides doing wonders for handling present situations, this kind of give-and-take fosters bonding.

Parenting Technique 18 – Listen and communicate with skill!

Here’s how in 3 easy steps:

1. As a conversation develops, nurture it. There are specific words, phrases, and sentences that are effective for this purpose. Here are a few that work effectively–“Oh, good, wow, I see, etc.” There are many others.

2. Find out from your child if he or she was hungry, tired, or upset. That can teach you a lot about avoiding this same problem in the future. In addition, all of this attention will help your child feel cared for, secure, and understood. This positive attention will ultimately help your child behave better in the future.

3. Keep rapport in mind as you and your child converse. Use a similar pace and tonality to your child’s. In this way you do not talk down to your child or at him or her. You talk with your child. In conjunction with this kind of rapport, it is helpful to be on the same level physically. Bend down if you need to be in a lower position. If possible, be in the same position.

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