Magazines as a Teaching Resource

Activity – A Categories Game

Age Range – Preschool and Up

Areas Being Developed – Fine Motor Skills and Thinking… all in one activity!

Start asking the parents to send it magazines with great pictures in them. Your students will love bringing in items from home, and the parents will appreciate their opportunity for extra connection with your classroom. Be sure to mention that catalogs from stores are also good for this activity.

Use the magazines and catalogs to hunt for these specific categories of pictures: Food, Animals, and Flowers. Each one will provide you will excellent material for teaching. Once you have all the cut-outs, mix them up. Then one-by-one together play a sorting game with your students.

You can set up the activity in pairs, small groups, or with your whole classroom, whichever you find most helpful to your particular situation.

– Adapted from Make Your Own Preschool Games: A Personalized Play and Learn Program by Sally Goldberg, pp. 110


Language, language, language! It is built right into this play-and-learn activity. First you can talk about whether or not a picture fits a category. Next you can discuss colors and other pertinent information of choice. Last but not least you will see all kinds of letters, words, and sentences that will enrich what you are doing.

May, the Month of the Mothers!

Once your activity is over, have each student design for his or her mom a beautiful art collage.

Here is a popular theme: The Rainbow of Happiness!”

Look for fruits and flowers in all the colors of the rainbow. If you keep looking, you will find them all.

Need help from ROY G BIV?

Here goes: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet!


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