Exercise Those Eyes!

Tip Practice with your students movements that go from left to right.

Cut short pieces of yarn or ribbon about 9 to 12 inches long and give one to each pair of students. Have each pair stand up tall and look straight into each other’s eyes. Then have one student from each pair move the yarn or ribbon slowly across his or her body from his or her right to left (left to right for the child across). Then ask the children across to keep their heads straight and follow the yarn or ribbon with their eyes only.


The idea is to help your students get as comfortable as possible with the left-to-right progression. Reading and writing are a big deal, both skills that require repeated movements from left to right; and they will both go more smoothly with this kind of motor patterning.

Ideas of March!

Think of other creative and fun ways to do this activity. How about a flashlight? Project the light on a wall and have one student at a time come up to follow it… with eyes only and from left to right.

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