Attachment is Worth its Salt!

When children experience positive attachment there are many benefits. Research has found that they:

  • Are more motivated to learn.
  • Do better in school.
  • Have more confidence and self-worth.
  • Develop good problem solving skills.
  • Form healthier relationships.
  • Become more self-reliant. 
  • Are better able to self-regulate.

Children with positive attachment tend to be prone to intellectual development.

Attachment begins the first day that you have the baby. Therefore, it is important to provide responsive care right from the start. All of this information is based on current news provided by the highly respected organization Zero to Three.

The first three years have magical powers that set up children for the rest of their lives. Please join me in spreading the word to all parents and specialists who interact with children during that time. Positive experiences in the beginning decrease crime and violence and autoimmune diseases in later life. 
Sally Goldberg, Ph.D.
Parenting Specialist


  1. “Birth to Three!”
    Now, more than ever, is the time to spread the word.

    Last night NBC News ran a big segment about research related to early learning for four-year-olds and the impact it has in later life.
    Luckily there are already many programs based on this concept.

    Here is what is really needed! “Universal parent education” for all parents as soon as their babies are born and even before. Because those years truly have the power, strong healthy strategies are vital.
    Yea for us … We are on the right tack!

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