N O V E M B E R

For real! We need to STOP forgetting that every little tiny baby born into the world needs Tender Loving Care to become the child, teen and adult people we want them to be.

It takes a GARDEN of LOVE to 

Nurture, Guide, Support, Protect and Teach

Every single one, right from the Start!


 L O O K

What Have We Done!




or any version of these!







L I S T E N 

We are all a product of our experiences, and the earliest ones make the biggest impact.

Where? Everywhere        When? All the time

Why? Because every moment counts


These are 36 beads of LIFE








18 Means LIFE 

36 means LIFE and more LIFE


Pay attention

When it Counts!.

In the Early Years!

Make sure you connect at all times. Point out excellent qualities all the time, no matter how small the baby or how little the description. Another way is through saying “please” to show respect and “thank you” for appreciation. Best is to use those words often. The third is to make sure you explain poor behavior as mistakes. Once it has occurred, most important is to teach your child how not to make the same mistake again.


Bonding is the essence of it all.

We definitely know what to do

We just have to do it.

No matter the race, color, creed, religion, or gender, people are always people, and all of us have the same needs in common: nurturing love, guidance, support, protection and educational development. With this kind of input there is PEACE. Without it there is WAR of every kind, including our rash of mass murders. Our littlest ones hold the key to all PEACE in LIFE ahead today. 








Sally Goldberg, Ph.D., Professor of Education

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  1. This is beautiful. Your pictures show what you mean. They show you researched for them. I know that finding the best picture takes time. Your words are so encouraging and they tell parents exactly what to do.
    You make your blog easy to read because of the white space. It pulls the reader to keep on reading. Big paragraphs with lots of words can be a turn-off.
    There is so much to say, Dr. Sally, and it’s all good.

    We had a busy and wonderful Thanksgiving at my son’s home. Thank you for your kind wishes.

  2. Your universal message resonates around the globe, Dr. Sally! Every culture faces the same parenting challenges and responds to compassionate, empathic parenting. Keep up your important work!

  3. Hi Rosalind,
    Thank you for picking up on the importance of my “Peace” message.
    It seems inhuman that humanity lets any babies anywhere live without this code of input:
    Nurturing love, guidance, support, protection, and educational development … and yet we do.
    Teens and adults become a result of their early beginnings.
    Amazing as it sounds, “Every moment counts and right from the start!”

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