Seasons: How They Change

While seasons are usually portrayed as concrete concepts, here they are shown as fluid entities. Through rhyming verse, you now have a new and different way to teach about the seasons… one month at a time. Seasons are a cyclical process that takes place in a subtle way, and that is a beautiful message.

Our poem opens in the heart of winter on New Year’s Day!

January’s freezing.

Wind and cold are with us.

Winter sports abound,

And snow is on the ground.


February’s shorter.

Wind and cold continue.

Skiing, skating, sledding,

And snow from mound to mound.



March brings in the sunshine.

Wind and cold are ending.

Spring’s around the corner,

And snow is hardly found.


April is the springtime,

Sun and rain upon us.

Flowers start to bloom,

And birds the humming sound.


 May’s terrific weather,

Sunny, warm, and pleasant.

Tennis, golf, and biking,

Blue sky and green surround.



June begins the summer,

Outside for every tot.

School is mostly over,

Children play a lot.


July is the vacation.

Continued warm and hot.

Lots of people travel,

And swimming hits the spot.


August’s still the summer.

Vacation time is ending.

The school year is approaching,

And brr months soon to come.



First it is September.

Summer weather’s over.

Brr, brr, brr,

The leaves are turning brown.


Then it is October.

Autumn weather’s colder.

Brr, brr, brr,

The leaves are falling down.


After comes November.

The wind is getting older.

Brr, brr, brr,

The leaves are on the ground.



At last it is December.

Fireplaces smolder.

Swish, swish, swish,

The snowflakes whirl around.

Our poem closes in the beginning of winter on New Year’s Eve!


Be as creative as you would like as you teach this seasonal cycle. Here are some ideas. You probably have many more.

* From the same window each month, have your children draw pictures of what it looks like outside .

* Each month have your children memorize for the current month the above poetry words.

* Each month have your children draw pictures to go with the above poetry for the current month.

* Have your children make interesting decorations for your classroom to go with each changing season.

Think up new and different ways to make seasonal awareness a rich and meaningful part of your children’s lives.



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