Special Needs

A Word about Special Needs

“Special needs” is one of those terms that was designed to put a label on a diverse group of people who have one thing in common – challenges. Even though there are many different kinds, and even though some are more difficult than others, a challenge is a challenge; and people who have one or more all need the same thing–extra help.

Welcome to the world of giving “Extra Help.” If it sounds good, it is; but it is also not easy. That extra help is an add-on to regular. It is actually the new and up and coming term for disabilities and challenges–someone who needs “extra help.” I like it best because it takes the focus away from having something wrong and puts it on the positive side of taking actions to make it right.

As an educator in the field of early childhood education and as a parent of a child who needs “extra help,” my mission is to provide guidance and support for all parents of young children. While some children need regular guidance and others need regular plus extra, providing both to the same child is what is tricky. 

No matter how you look at it, the parenting job is 24/7 and not easy. It revolves around these principles–consistency, small steps and all the creativity and ingenuity in the world. Oh yes, there is patience in there too. Doing all this plus providing the “extra help” as needed could flow into the “beyond the call of duty” role, but it never does.

It is my pleasure to help make life with your young child run as smoothly as possible. Parenting any child is difficult, but if that child needs extra help too, the job is even harder. What is really wonderful is that even enormous problems can often be solved in simple ways, and that is great fun! There is joy lurking around every corner, and the rewards will never stop ceasing to amaze you. Enjoy!

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