The Dog Who Did Amazing Things!

Meet Arry!

His adventures are the exact ones designed by professionals to help children hit the ground running–loving words, enjoying books and reading in general. It is that important.

Read to your child as soon as he or she is born and even before. Why in the world would you want to do that? Because it lays the foundation for later learning to read, write and understand beginning at age three!

What if your child is already three, four, five or six? Perfect!

Now you can order a Kindle version of Arry’s first adventure—The Dog Who Wished He Could Fly

Then move right along! 

The Dog Who Went to the Doctor by Denise Meridith, is the fourth book in the Adventures of Arry series about a miniature red poodle. It is for kids 3-6 years old and is now available on A new non-profit—Read to Kids US Inc—is encouraging all grandparents and parents to read to their young children 15 minutes a day. But, if you have not read any of Arry’s or the other authors’ books featured on, we are making it easy for you to get started: 

Here is another perk … Parenting Advice on Read To Kids — Ask Dr. Sally
Look for Dr. Sally’s important review of The Dog Who Wished He Could Fly. .See Her Review:
Don’t miss Dr. Sally’s advice this month!  


Reading teaches writing, and writing helps memory. Read, write and remember! Start early with your children and grandchildren. You all will enjoy the fruits of your labors forever!

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