Abuse is Hard to Stop!

flowerReporting on a serious issue–abuse of a person with a disability.

We know the woman’s name and her location, but at this point she can be reached about this subject only by her attorney. When approached attorney to attorney to stop the relationship she has been having with the person with the disability, this woman refuses.

There are two very sad parts to this story. First, for over three years this woman kept up e-mail and phone correspondence with the person with the disability. This communication between the two of them was so misleading that it kept the person with the disability continually on edge and writing “love letters” back to the woman. While stopping such letters would have been appropriate, this woman did the opposite and provided short answers that encouraged this person to write more.  

Second, no matter how much the person with the disability asked this woman to make time for her in her life, this woman would not do it. “Come visit me” was all that this woman was willing to offer. Even though this woman had no problem freely using sentences like “I miss you” and “I love you” to keep the person hooked, this very same woman would not budge about being willing to share time appropriately with this person.

To add to the frustration of the person with the disability this woman would ask for both e-mails and phone calls from this person and then respond to only a small percentage. This woman kept her lure of the person with the disability with comments like “You mean the world to me” and “You are the only one who makes me happy.” 

As part of their interchange the person with the disability sent this woman cards and bought her flowers. Sometimes this person would bring the woman food. Many times this person would offer this woman coffee or a bottle of water. Although the woman was asked by professionals not to accept these kinds of gifts from this person, this woman always accepted them.  

We also know that for awhile every time this person with the disability has an encounter with this woman, or even a serious conversation about her, this person wakes up not feeling well. At one point the emotional stress became so severe that medication was required. In addition, this person had a weight gain of more than 25 lbs and eventually needed to be moved away from this woman for recuperation.

Despite being informed of the distress her actions caused this person, this woman would not and still will not leave this person alone. Even though requested by many professionals to stop, this woman continues to tell people in their community that she misses this person and wants her to come visit.

Time to wipe out abuse for the young, old and people with disabilities! Any and all stories, solutions or leads are welcome. 

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  1. Shara

    Sally: I am sorry to hear about all of this heartache. It sounds like the predator is very lonely and has some struggles with control issues – and low self esteem. She needs to keep someone ‘hooked’ in order to feel powerful. It’s very sad. I hope and pray she will eventually give up and decide to put the needs of someone else before her own wants. May 2017 bring these positive changes!

  2. Hi Shara,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write such comforting thoughts. Yes, I can’t even imagine someone turning down simple requests from an attorney, a therapist and other specialists. That is very sad.

  3. Hi Daseta,
    You certainly are perceptive. So many adult problems stem directly from faulty early childhood experiences. Sometimes there is abuse or neglect, but most times parents just do not know any better. While there are basic tools available today, parents are extremely busy and often do not have the resources to do what is needed (enough time, money, energy and knowledge.)

    I will do what I can with the excellent information you sent in … for these two ladies and for as many others as possible. However, the level of detail you supplied was beyond the scope of this site.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to pass on all that very well-researched information.

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