Did you just get a present?

Before you say “No,” say “Yes.”

It turns out that you get one each morning

in the form of a “brand new day.”

First you unwrap yours as you get yourself ready.

Then every evening you wrap up as bedtime approaches.

              Good morning!

You have your plans.

No two days are the same, and they are not meant to be.

Growth and learning are the heart of each one,

And nothing is more wonderful than that!



Your day is like a wrapped up gift.

You keep opening it and enjoying it all day.

Then you wrap it back up at night to rest, relax and repair.




As you focus all day long on taking care of your “gift of life,” look who needs to know what you are doing.

Forget that daily care used to be humdrum.

Turn each aspect of it into a special joy. 



Give each one all day long your TLC.

Share your enthusiasm with your child.

Make today and the whole month of August the best ever for your child starting at birth and everyday after that.

ASK DR SALLY right here!


Find out more on www.earlychildhoodnews.net


Remind everyone you know about the R, S and T of Parenting.

Read, Sing and Talk to your child as much as you can.

Every child is entitled to the finest experiences.

  Every parent should know how to lead them.

There is not a moment to waste.

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