What is Violence Busting?

Violence Busting is stopping violence before it starts … in the very first year of life! Study after study have given the same results—early positive input during the first three years correlates with success in school and later life with the first one being the most important.

The solution to ending mass shootings and other gun tragedies begins with gun restrictions but does not end there. In reality the answer is hiding in plain sight—education and support for new and young parents. No child in that isolette is ever meant to become a killer. It is

                             life circumstances that create the problems,

                            many of which, if not most, that can be prevented.  

                                              Knowledgeable prepared parents saves lives!


Providing preschool is one thing, but legislation to set up “universal parent education and support” for the first twelve months of parenthood holds the key. We know how to help all parents as they go through this very exciting yet equally difficult time. Now we need to do it

Birth to age three are the true formative years, with the first one being the most important. 

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