Let this Person Go!







By now you are probably familiar with this very sad story.

Reporting on a serious issue–abuse of a person with a disability.

We know the woman’s name and her location, but at this point she can be reached about this subject only by her attorney. When approached attorney to attorney to stop the relationship she has been having with the person with the disability, this woman refuses.

There are two very sad parts to this story. First, for over three years this woman kept up e-mail and phone correspondence with the person with the disability. This communication between the two of them was so consistently filled with strong romantic overtones that it kept the person with the disability continually writing to the woman e-mail “love letters.”

Second, no matter how much the person with the disability asked this woman to make time for her in her life, this woman would not do it. “Come visit me” was all that this woman was willing to offer. Even though this woman had no problem freely using sentences like “I miss you” and “I love you” to keep the person hooked, this very same woman would not budge about being willing to share time appropriately with this person.



What will convince this woman to let go of this person with a disability?




  • An attorney asked this woman to stop asking this person to visit her at work … or … make time away from work to spend with her in a proper way – and she said no!


  • Three different disability specialists and the director of the community where she now lives have asked this woman to discontinue this relationship … or … spend time with this person in a respectful way – and she said no.


  • Family members have discussed with her making changes to her behavior … and she still said no.


What will make this woman stop?


HINT: History tells us that sometimes it takes up to ten tries before an intervention works!

NOTE: It took Moses ten plagues before he got his point across.


Please help us put the pieces together to free this young lady. Click this link for more information.

Abuse is Hard to Stop!


Let This Person Go!

Go now, Lady.

Way far in your own land.

Stop now. Be fair.

Let this person go!


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  1. Experience shows us we cannot change other people as much as we’d like to. So perhaps our efforts need to go toward not stopping “that woman” but on helping the person with the disability be better prepared not to fall prey to the other woman’s games. Finding other outlets, new friends, a support system may be helpful as a distraction and new source of fulfillment.

  2. Thank you for the great comment. Yes, so much time, money and effort has been spent on helping this person, and it has all been worth it. This kind of help is exactly what is setting her free. My sense is that the universe will bring this woman on her end appropriate consequences.

    One of my favorite sayings is that “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” and my guess is that her actions will bring her exactly what she deserves.

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