Help is on the Way!

Everyone seems to know by now that something is wrong. All our efforts to keep people safe from a virus have turned to dust. We are a half-year down the road with all we have tried, and either nothing has changed or we are worse of than before. What to do? Two things. Ask for changes to the current restrictions and provide as much help as possible for the parents and their children who are going through the difficulties. 

Ask your questions here, and I will answer them with the best child development information available.

Here are the FOUR cornerstones of health that need routine guidance to help you stay well:

BREATHING          NUTRITION          MOVING          SLEEP

Here are the FIVE areas of development that need enrichment on a daily basis:



First choose a cornerstone or area. Next state your question related to that topic. Finally, send it to me at   

Graph as shown on the website (American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons). 

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