“Health” and “Safety”

You can’t have one without the other!


There is a lot to what the experts are telling us and the road they are building for us as a nation and a world, but please be warned that they are leaving a big part of their work undone. For every intervention a compensation program or process is needed. Here are some analogies:


  • If you need to take an antibiotic, you should eat yogurt to restore the good bacteria that is destroyed by the medicine.
  • If you are home schooling, it is recommended that you put your child in an outdoor sports program or other social and recreational moving activity.
  • If you are a vegan, you are advised to eat specific foods together to make the most of the nutrients you are getting. 

The list goes on. Interventions are excellent, but without specific compensations, they are dangerous in their own right. People are “mobile” and “social” beings, and they cannot be left without on-going opportunities to move and be social. It just won’t work.


Please continue to stay tuned to our Q & A program. It is all about important compensation practices. Please focus your question on one of the nine topics listed in capital letters below. Please also feel free to ask more than one question.


These are the four basic parts of health that need on-going positive attention:

BREATHING          NUTRITION          MOVING          SLEEP


Here are the five areas of development that require regular guidance and support everyday:


I look forward to helping you as much as I can.

Sally Goldberg, Ph.D., Parenting Specialist, drsallyinarizona@gmail.com, www.earlychildhoodnews.net 

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