Welcome June! An Inspirational Poem

Parenting Insight…

Welcome to June, the month of sunny skies, beautiful flowers and more opportunities to enjoy nature! May the calmness of summer help you and your child get deeper in touch with your inner selves.


Inner Direction

“Do you hear it?” she asked to her wise and young child?

“I don’t know” he replied in a tone soft and mild.


“It’s a voice you can hear.  It speaks its own tongue.

It sounds very soft when you are this young.


Though easy to miss and sometimes not clear,

All of the words are right there to hear.


Listen real hard. It’s inner direction.

It comes from deep down to give you protection.


It guides you by day and goes through the night.

It warns you what’s wrong, and it tells you what’s right.


It puts you in touch with a deep inner feeling,

It guides you correctly with what you are dealing.


Your soul is the home for this unique cue,

Designed to protect so deep inside you.


It never is wrong, with all its persistence.

Try at all costs to hear its insistence.


When at a loss for just what to do,

Know that this voice is talking to you.”


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