Your Three-Year-Old and You!

Parenting Technique 58 – Think “learning” all the time and remember that you are your child’s first and most important teacher.” Part V (See Parenting Techniques 54 – 57 for background.)

Three Years to Four 

The famous first three years are now over. Hopefully, you will see an alert preschooler with a solid foundation of cognitive skills. If not, do not worry. You should be seeing that very soon.

Research tells us that if a child is well-developed by the time he or she is three-years-old, the child will be predictive of being successful when formal schooling starts at around age six. This is the year for building on a solid foundation of basic skills and getting your child “ready-for-school” as they say.

Your child will build on and refine all concepts already learned and be able to engage in more purposeful activities. You will notice a whole new level of understanding. You will see an increased depth of experience. “Rules” and “instructions” are now ready to enter your world.

– adapted from Constructive Parenting by Sally Goldberg, p. 50

Parenting Insight…

“Rules” and “instructions” Hmm, take time to reinforce that new skill. Use short clear directions for everything, and you will not be sorry.

Ideas of March…

Have fun with every activity. Break each one down to three or four parts and reinforce exactly what you are trying to teach. Your child is truly trying to learn and will love every opportunity to do it right.

Here are some suggested learning tasks that can become “pure and simple fun”

  • Washing hands
  • Brushing teeth
  • Eating out

There are many more!

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