Welcome May! Spring at its Best!

Here is part of a poem from the book A Tale of Two Cynthias: A Collection of Poetry and Art from the Heart by Cynthia Goldberg. Read more about Cynthia on http://www.cynthiagoldberg.com.


“…Spring is the time of year to cherish with friends and everyone.

Hear the bells ring

And hear the calls for flowers.

Spring is the time to sing.


Angels sing all of the year.

Birds in the sky fly up very high.

Stars in the sky reach for success.


Go forward.

You can’t go back…”


Note from the Author:

I have always dreamed of being an author and now my dream has come true. It has been an exciting adventure!


Cynthia is one of our “Special Guests” on “Special Interests and Q & A.” Please feel free to stop by at  https://www.earlychildhoodnews.net/special-needs/overcoming-difficulties/ and say hello.


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