Welcome to Wednesday Wine Down!

As you probably already know Monday Morning Coffee and Tuesday Afternoon Tea are fun and interesting places. Join us there as much as you can to enrich your child’s life.

Now every Wednesday…

Put up your feet, relax, and find out about important concepts for guiding children. As you reflect on the trials and tribulations of your parenting day, you will have parenting techniques to ponder.

Based on the “15 Pillars of Parenting,” these are well-accepted principles of parenting that are used to bring out the best in children. Each one is packed with information that you can use to sort out and refocus almost any parenting problem. Presented originally in Constructive Parenting published by Allyn & Bacon in 2002, here they are in a new and interactive format.

As a way of introducing this exciting topic, first there will be stories about the effectiveness of parenting. After that you will hear about amazing ways that early experiences influence the later years. Right after that the parenting techniques begin.



  1. beth miller

    i met you at the cotuit art center the other night. my name is beth. i had met your daughter when i volunteered there . my friend who u met linda and i just read your blog. it was excellent.
    thanks for sharing this with us.
    we were impressed by your background and experiance……a tv celebrity,an author,a successful parent,a phd. wow!!!!!
    i hope to see u again when u r in town. beth

    • Dr. Sally

      Hi Beth,
      What a pleasant surprise! I loved meeting you and your friend (a new kind of celebrity in her own right) and sharing thoughts with you about education. I was delighted to hear that you met my daughter and enjoyed working with her. Take a peak at “Tuesday Afternoon Tea.” This is another part of this new blog, designed to bring parents a new kind of very important message. Thank you so much for your input. Yes, I look forward to seeing you again and chatting more.

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