Variety is the Spice of Life!

Now and again we cut hot dogs into octopus shapes and place cheese on top as their "hair."

Parenting Technique 26 – Change the environment… by thinking up new and different ways to do the “same old thing!”

Does your dinner table look the same every night? How about having your child make a new centerpiece, place cards, or even a fun menu?

Do you serve fruit in the same dishes, cups, or plates all the time? How about cutting your fruit in chunks and serving them with fun toothpicks or as mini-kabobs on small skewers?

Do you serve juice to your children in the same cups all the time? How about trying them out with something like inexpensive short-stem glasses?


Constructive Parenting…

Giving a brand new look to a much-repeated old routine can generate new energy in your house. If you get stuck trying to figure out how to make a change, ask the expert! I am guessing you will be able to count on your little one to think up new and fun ways to “change the environment!”


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