The Sandwich Method!

Parenting Technique 29 – Use the sandwich method of supervision!

It works! Precede and follow a suggestion, recommendation, or request with a positive.

Here’s an example.

A common problem–leaving drawers open.

Some different variations:

* He takes out his shorts, and the drawer stays wide open. 

* She gets out the silverware, and the drawer remains ajar. 

* He takes out paper for coloring, and the drawer is all jammed. 

Here are some helpful ways to intervene.

You can say,

“You have amazing furniture. Please close the drawers after you use them. Then each one will work better.” 

Here is another one.

“You are terrific at setting the table. Please close the drawer after you take out the silverware. Then the kitchen will look nicer.” 

How about this?

“I love putting up your pictures when you color them. Please close the drawer after you take out a new sheet of paper. Then each design you make will never look crumpled.”

Constructive Parenting…

Some form of recognition to start will makes your instruction so much more appealing to follow. Adding a benefit at the end will really help your case!


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