The Power of Positive Attention!

Parenting Technique 51 – Plan a regular time everyday to play with your child.

You will like it, and your child will love it!

Designate a convenient time and place each day to do an activity together. Make it a time he or she can count on for your full positive attention.

Here is what Ruth Reardon said in Listen to the Littlest, p. 13. Reprinted with permission in Constructive Parenting, p. 37

There Is No Substitute for You,

your time

and our relationship.

Giving things in place of you

will only teach me

to want more

and more

and more…

Because there’ll be an emptiness

more things

can never fill.


Constructive Parenting…

The importance of theory and research in education is to be able to put them into practice.


Fighting Violence!

The more your child knows he or she will be getting positive attention, the less your child will have to or even want to act out.

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