The 5 Senses and Your Child

copyright MommyPerks.comParenting Technique 37 – Be aware of the “five senses” as your child’s official avenues for learning.

As you lead your child through the learning environment, the key concept is the five senses. The more of them that are being used, the more impact the learning will have. A good example is the beach. You experience it as something to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. You can see the sights, hear the waves and people, touch the sand and water, taste the food, and smell the sea and other aromas.

You experience the entire atmosphere on many levels.

Because all experiences have a sensory impact, the more of the senses that are being used and the higher their quality, the better the learning will be. While TV, computers, iPads, iPods, iPhones, etc. are important learning tools for your child, they teach only with sight and sound. You now know that they are limited in terms of their “sensory input.”

Constructive Parenting…   

As you compare them to “experiential learning,” you will see the difference. The whole idea is to be better able to make informed choices about the ways you lead your child through his or her learning environment.

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