“Terrible?” or “Terrific?”

Parenting Technique 62 – Turn the “Terrible Twos” into the “Terrific Twos.” Here’s how… by making sure that your child has ample opportunities to move in big ways–walking, running, climbing, riding a tricycle, and more. In addition, add other opportunities to play in small ways with blocks, balls, clay, and play dough and more.

Two Years to Three

The richer the quality of your child’s play, the more advanced his or her motor development is likely to be. On the gross motor level you will notice climbing—in and out of an adult chair and on a gym set. You will also see the ability to ride a tricycle and walk up and down stairs with alternating feet. On the fine motor level, you will notice the beginnings of hand dominance. You will also see your two-year-old be able to stack up to about eight blocks, throw a ball overhead, and coordinate a two- handed activity.

– adapted from Constructive Parenting by Sally Goldberg, p. 61

Constructive Parenting…

Time to remind you again about baby seats and strollers. These are your helpers to be used for specific situations. Be careful not to overdo their use or confine your little one with them. “Out and about” is the name of the game for your young child.

Bouquet of Positive Feelings!

We end Nancy Tillman’s book Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You with the words on her very last page.

You are my angel, my darling,

my star . . .and my love will find you,

wherever you are. 


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