Talent Time!

Courtney and SammyTechnique 95 – Become your child’s personal talent scout.

Remember when you thought that birth to age three was not very important? Remember when you thought the years from three to six were just for “pre-school” activities and not for real learning?

Now you know that every minute counts and that the birth to six foundation years are the most important of all.

Ages 3 – 6

As part of your child’s emerging sense of uniqueness, you now notice interests. Some children will be especially attracted to dolls or action figures. Others may like cars, trucks, or trains. There also may be some popular toy concept that will appeal to your child. Any kind of talent or interest can show up for your child at any time.

Therefore… keep an eye out for clues and then jump in with follow-up. Here are some suggested activities—gymnastics, ballet, softball, hockey, football, soccer, golf, tennis, skating, skiing, computers, dress-up, gardening, piano, violin, and much more. Day in and day out, do whatever you can to guide your child through healthy, productive, and enjoyable blocks of time. Talent that is tapped at this time will bring great rewards in the future.

~ Dr. Sally


June! The Month of the Dads

These years are your years. Now’s your chance to bring your child into your world. No limits! Do you like cars? Your child can like them too. How about art? Perfect. A sport like fishing, golf, tennis, or more? Go ahead and share your joy.


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