Social Skills from Four to Five!

Technique 71 – Encourage your child in the areas of art and drama… and then don’t forget to join in the fun.

Purposeful activities now take on a new spin—creativity and the arts. This is a great time to introduce art, music, dance, and drama and watch your child grow in all of them. For children who have talent in one or more of these areas, you are likely to notice it. If you do, do whatever you can to help this talent to flourish. Many adults who are accomplished in the arts trace their introduction to the field to this time from 4 to 5 years. Some even had related experiences as early as age 3.

Another advance in this last year before kindergarten is the beginning of cooperative play. This is made possible by a greater sense of self-awareness. This inner awareness, combined with a stronger feeling of self- worth, is exactly what gives your child more comfort in spending a little more time with others and a little less time with you. If there were an ideal time for your child to get the most out of preschool, this is probably be it.

Constructive Parenting…


Use the simple to create the complex!

Gather up some of these materials for an art project:

* Paper plates with crayons

* Construction paper, scissors, paste or glue sticks, and colorful magazines

* Plain paper and play dough

* Plastic containers and markers

* Paper, paint, paint brushes, and water

* Dark construction paper and chalk

* Paper, wallpaper samples, wrapping paper pieces, and paste or glue sticks

Make positive comments about aspects of your child’s art, and be careful not to set creative limitations.


Arrange some simulated play areas for your child and encourage sharing the play with any friends who might be around.

Here are some tried and tested ideas that you can set up easily:

* A restaurant with a table and chairs and items like plastic cups, paper plates, and plastic silverware, aprons, menus, a sign, tablecloth, place mats, napkins, a play telephone, and any other equipment you find.

* A doctor’s office with a bed or cot and items like a large white shirt, gauze, cotton, plastic bandages, a play telephone, and a play doctor’s bag.

* A beauty salon with a big easy chair and other items like rollers, an empty wash basin, comb, brush, pretend scissors, apron, towel, empty plastic shampoo and conditioner containers, magazines, a play telephone, and a mirror.

Other play area suggestions are a school, business office, and a theater.

October! The Month of Positive Energy

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to enjoy with your child.


There’s meeting friends and meeting parents,

Meeting teachers too.

There’re lots of things that you should know

For what to say and do.


There’s taking turns and helping out.

There’s honesty and trust,

Many things that you should do

Just because you must.


Even if you make a mess

Or spill or drop or break,

Learn from all that you have done

And mend your own mistake.


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