Social Skills are Moving Right Along!

TambourineParenting Technique 70 – Listen and learn from your child as much as you want your child to listen and learn from you.

Three Years to Four

Awareness of people in the family group now expands to taking initiative within the group. Watch all that toy-oriented play turn into games and activities. You will see more complicated thought going on, and that should be a great treat.

Here is today’s real gem. Make both active and quiet play a part of your child’s daily schedule. This kind of balance will be good for your child as well as everyone else in your family.

Constructive Parenting…

Rhythm and Music

Use the wonders of music to enhance your home in all different ways.

For a directed activity, select music with a lively touch. Then take turns doing different actions and reactions. Some suggestions are dancing, clapping, jumping, and tapping. In addition, you can keep time with a covered plastic container filled with rice, beans, or paper clips. Add other ideas of your own.

For that special time when you want to relax, select your favorite classical music piece or some other soothing child music and then hug and rock together. Another idea is to set up something called “shared quiet time” and read or sit peacefully in your own specially selected “comfy” spots.

August! The Month of Dignity

One of our guest specialists Cynthia Goldberg wrote in her new poetry book “Peace creates magical wonders!” Make that your dignified thought for August and enjoy it all the way from the early hours of the morning that you spend with your child to the late hours of the night when you two end your active day together.

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