Sharing Time Together!

Parenting Technique 31 – Be a part of the solution with participation.

Participating is everything! It has its own special way of making almost any activity run more smoothly.

The goal is to change “I don’t want to do it” into “When can we start?”

Here are three strategies.


For homework, set up similar work for you to do; and then say something like, “You do your first section, and I will do mine”. Then take time to check in and ask how everything is going. Offer any help that might be needed. Then proceed to the next section. Repeat the same process. You will probably notice that after helping a lot in the beginning that after a while you will not need to help as much. In time you can suggest doing two sections at a time and then more. The nice part is that your child will know that you are right there for help if needed. Just knowing you are there, even if your help is not needed, is helpful too.


For reading, offer to share the activity in the beginning. Once your child gets off the ground with more confidence, you will probably be asked to share less. Here is how the process works. Start by saying something like, “You read all the left-hand pages, and I will read all the right-hand ones.” In time your child will probably want to read more and more of the ones on your side.

Music, Art or Other Lesson Practices

For music, art, or any other kind of necessary practice time, you practice too. If you play the same instrument, take your turn. If you sing, sing too. If you do the same kind of art, work side by side.

Constructive Parenting… Your pleasant company will mean the world to your child. Your participation will give a feeling of comraderie. As you share time together, you will provide a calming effect.



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