Set up for Success with Small Steps!

Constructive Parenting…

While a difficult situation can lead your child directly into misbehavior, an appropriate one can result in success and even an eventual compliment or reward.

TomatoesParenting Technique 3 – Set up for success – by small steps! 

Break up long blocks of time into smaller segments. This applies to many different situations.

* If you are going shopping with your child, you can build breaks into your outing and then have opportunities all day long to give your child special attention.

* If you are reading a book together, use short intervals. You can read a section and then stop. You can read on and then react to it. You can then read more and ask your child whether he or she would like to continue.

Cut apart big tasks into smaller ones. Here are some different ways to do that.

* Time to set the table! You do the napkins. I will do the silverware.

* Before we go out, let’s put the toys away. I will do the left side of the room. You do the right.

* That’s a hard puzzle. Put in three pieces today. You can do more tomorrow.


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