Set up for Success… By Being Prepared!

parentingConstructive Parenting…

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Always be on the lookout for how to set up your situations effectively.

Parenting Technique 1

Be prepared for your Child’s Upcoming Situation.

Do your best to see upcoming situations from your child’s point of view. That vantage point can help you a lot!

Here you see examples of problematic set-ups and their successful counterparts.

Problematic – Requiring your child to sit for too long a period of time.

Successful! – Planning frequent breaks.


Problematic –  Making a narrow request to your child like “Set the table, complete a puzzle,” or “color in the lines.

Successful! – Having an open-ended approach like doing a craft, using blocks, enjoying play dough, playing with sand, or splashing in water.


Problematic – Making an instruction too general for your child like “Clean up your room” or “put your toys away.”

Successful! – Giving a specific direction like “Put your shirts in the drawer.”


Problematic – Having a rigid schedule for your child.

Successful! – Enjoying a flexible routine.

There are many ways to break down tasks, keep activities simple, and enjoy life to the fullest with your little one. While it might take some advanced planning and a little extra thought ahead of time, every bit of preparation you do will manifest itself tenfold in all that you hope to accomplish.

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