September Thoughts

A Seasonal Message about Falling Asleep

baby sleepingFall – A season of transition from summer to winter

Falling asleep – A time of transition from being awake to being asleep

And here is what we know…

Falling asleep is supposed to take about 15 minutes. If you or your child hit the pillow and fall asleep right away, you or your child are over-tired.

Going to sleep is supposed to be as close to the same time each night as possible. If you can follow this kind of schedule, your body or that of your child will get used to it and begin to become tired around the time that falling asleep should take place.

* If you or your child get your recommended number of hours of sleep each night, you or your child will not be tired the next day. And that’s the best news of all!


  1. dr. sally

    Here is another very important piece of information about sleep. The whole idea is related to full body repair. Regeneration of neurons in the brain is a crucial part of the process!

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