Relationship Time! Starts at Six Months

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Parenting Technique 67 – A half-year-old and time to respond to your little one in new and different ways.

While you still need to take care of your baby’s needs, now is the time to start building your relationship.

Six Months to a Year

Now that your baby spends is on the move, he or she will take the lead on more social interactions. Your baby will go to places of interest and find objects to enjoy. He or she will drink from a cup and eat small pieces of soft food. You will see more of a real relationship developing between the two of you.

Constructive Parenting…

It is always good to know that doing what comes naturally is exactly the right thing to do; and just as you might have expected, all of these things help your baby develop social skills.

Here are some fun and natural interactions that parents often do at this time.

* Include their baby

Concept: Wherever you are, talk to your baby about what you see. This could be at the mall, in an office, or on the street. When you are having a conversation with other adults, include your baby. As you go about your day, name as many objects as you can. In the house there are tables, chairs, pictures, books, pillows, and more. Outside there are trees, bushes, grass, houses, sky, and more.

* Introduce their baby

Concept: Whenever you meet someone, introduce your baby. This is an example of one way to do it: “(Older Person’s Name), this is (Baby’s Name). (Baby’s Name), this is (Older Person’s Name).” Then if it comes naturally, guide your baby to shake hands with the older person. If you do go that route, keep some baby wipes handy!

July! The Month of Freedom

* Find their baby

Concept: Set up an enclosed safe area for you and your baby to play together. Then let your baby go free. Have fun by turning around for a few seconds and then turning back with a big happy smile and some reassuring words like “I found you!” Let your baby play again. Turn around again. Then turn back again, find your baby and say, “I found you!” Repeat this activity as often as you like.

All of Tip 67 has been adapted from the information in Constructive Parenting by Sally Goldberg, pp. 70-71

NOTE: For the next set of tips, I will continue to describe effective ways to foster social development at different ages and stages. This series on social skills will go on all the way up to age five.

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