Reading Fun with Kids!

Technique 88 – Make reading a part of your child’s world right from the start!

There are so many ways to have fun with it. Signs are all around. Just about every store has large clear letters to show its name. Clothing of all kinds are full of words and initials that are easy to see.  Newspapers, magazines, the Internet and television bombard you non-stop with all kinds of words, phrases, sentences and more.

Reading is everywhere! Find what you like, what you think your child will like, and have fun with it.

Parenting Insight…

There are all kinds of books for children. Many are beautifully produced with bright colors and interesting pictures, and most are made especially to target a particular age group or developmental stage. Take advantage of these high-quality books and enjoy some time each day reading to your child.

March! The Month of the Rainbow

Find books about March, the beginning of spring, and the seasons. There are many.


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