Plan, Prepare, and Anticipate!

Parenting Technique 32 – Be a part of the solution by using this three-part process–Plan, prepare, and anticipate!

Once you follow this simple formula, you will find a successful solution to almost any endeavor you and your child embark on together.

Example: You are about to go to the mall with your little one. Your goal is to shop for clothes. Your child’s goal is to feel loved, adored, and able to get your attention whenever possible.

PLAN – Carefully think out every step of the way.

Strategy – Make a plan to stop every half hour on the half hour (or other appropriate length of time) to check on your little one and shower him or her with attention.

PREPARE – Have exactly what you need handy so that you can take your breaks with your little one in style.

Strategy – You might need his or her favorite book available for reading. It could be something as simple as a list of song(s) to sing. Often it is a favorite toy. Always be ready to talk, talk, and talk.

ANTICIPATE – Think through your child’s schedule before you go.

Strategy –  Know what your child is likely to need during the time of your excursion and have all the supplies with you to meet those needs.

Constructive Parenting…

What’s different? Often parents go out for the afternoon or day with their little one and figure on meeting their child’s needs as they come up. If you plan, prepare, and anticipate, your child’s needs will show up as anticipated and be part of your plan. As long as you are prepared, you will have what you need when you need it. You can’t beat that!

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