“Parentese or “parent ease,” that is the question.

“The best combination of both,” and that is the answer.

Parenting Technique 44 – Let high quality language be your guide. Then remember to use it as much as you can.

As you naturally love your little one, you two grow together. You are the best teachers either one of you ever will ever have. Right from the start your child teaches you just what you need to say and exactly when to say it, and you teach your child just what he or she needs to know… at just the right time. You help each other all the time, and that’s how nature designed it.

Enrichment: Eye contact is everything. It keeps you both alert. Technology talk is good, but it is in no way as effective and lasting as personal interaction.

The Holidays are coming! Involve your children in holiday crafts. Making home decorations will mean the world to everyone. Use holiday symbols as your clue for teaching and talking and sharing meaningful time together.


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