Parent as a Pro… During the Holidays!

Copyright Parenting Tips with Dr. Sally

Copyright Parenting Tips with Dr. Sally

One Hundred Parenting Tips Continue with Five More…

16. As a lifetime advocate for your child, stay focused on your child’s successes and keep pointing out as many as possible. Each positive you point out is encouragement and will mean the world to him or her.

During this season of gift-giving, give your child the best gift of all… positive reinforcement all day long, every day, and as often as you can.

17. Be fair, firm, and positive. You are fair by setting up expectations. You are firm when you say what you mean and mean what you say. You are positive by helping your child learn from his or her mistakes.

Amid all the extra stress these days, these are three major ways to interact with your child that will help you all stay calm and in control.

18. Use the R, S and T of parenting. Read, Sing, and Talk to your child as much as you can.

Just when presents seem to overtake everything else in importance, STOP and remind yourself that “the best things in life are free.” Sit back, relax, and read, sing, and talk to your child. Make the most of every moment you have together.

19. Play is a child’s work, and toys are the tools. Playing with toys results in learning in all developmental areas–cognitive, physical, social-emotional, and language.

Toys are great for play, but please be reminded that the “parent is the best educational toy.” Not convinced? Go out and look for another toy that is better, more fun, and of a higher quality than grandma, grandpa, Aunt Jane, Uncle Pete, Cousin Carla, or that very special friend of your family.

20. The most formed toys have the least value, and the least formed ones have the most value. It is the least form that encourages the most open-ended play. Popular examples are balls, blocks, building sets, putty/clay/play-doh, pegs and pegboards, beads for stringing, dolls (male and female), sand, water, and objects for pretend play.

Keep an eye out for these and other simple items like cards, paper, and plastic containers. Packaging these days is amazing! One great box may end up being the best gift of all. Interesting shapes, textures, and designs make for excellent play!

~ Dr. Sally

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