Constructive Parenting…

Here is a good one! Did you know that parents can be the real cause for what a child does wrong? Yes, completely unknown to them, they can be the ones who have created a problematic situation. As a matter of fact, this happens to parents a lot. However, if you start using this next technique, it will be less likely to happen to you.

Parenting Technique 14 Identify the cause of the mistaken behavior.

Once you separate out the mistaken behavior from your child and can see clearly what has happened, you will probably also see clearly the reason it happened. Going back to the example of the spilled milk, you may realize that you placed the cup too close to the edge of the table or that you filled the cup too high. Another possibility is that you used a regular cup instead of a sippie cup or that your child didn’t want milk in the first place and was in the process of asking you for a different drink. In any case, once you separate out this behavior from your child, you may easily realize that you played a big part in the problem, maybe even caused it; and you will definitely not want to do that again.


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