October! Halloween Joy

leavesOctober starts off the holiday season with Halloween. No advice in this tip, just some holiday thoughts to ponder. Here goes…

  • Happiness – It comes from things you buy, make, think of and create. Are you set in your mind with how you would like your child to enjoy this holiday?
  • Apples – This amazing fruit of the season is at its best. Do you know how you will incorporate this fresh food into nutrition fun for your child?
  • Love – No one knows exactly what it is. What are your plans for showing it all month long?
  • Late Night – Trick or treating is usually a late night. Have you a plan for making your Thursday night run smoothly?
  • Orange – This is the main color for Halloween. Can you think of ways it might be fun to incorporate this color at home?
  • White Flour and White Sugar – These ingredients, known not to be good for the body, are in many Halloween products. Are you aware of substitutes for your children?
  • Energy – This is a time of year for high energy. Will you be able to channel your child’s holiday enthusiasm in wholesome ways?
  • Expectations – These run high during any holiday season. Have you got plans in place for keeping your home calm and peaceful?
  • Natural – Candy corn and orange and black food coloring are the opposite of natural. Have you thought of ways to incorporate oranges, pumpkins, carrots and other natural orange foods into your meals and snacks?

Happy Halloween from all of us here at “Parenting Tips!”

October! The Month of Positive Energy

Here is one of my favorite thoughts from Cynthia Goldberg’s new poetry book A Tale of Two Cynthias.

“Face your fears. Never give up. There’s always time to give and care.”

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