November Fun! “The Thank You Game”

The month of Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to enjoy “The Thank You Game.” You will find it also on p. 105 in Make Your Own Preschool Games.

"Thank you for making this craft with me!"

Objective: To teach your child to give and receive appreciation by using the words “thank you.”

About the Game: You can play this game at home or in any setting where you and your child have time to spend together.

How to Play: Take turns thinking up different ways to surprise each other with thoughtful actions. After something is done for you, you say “Thank you.” When you do something for your child, encourage your child to say “thank you” to you.

Here are some examples:

  • Your child gives you a great big hug. You say, “Thank you.”
  • You bring your child a piece of paper and a set of crayons for coloring. Your child says, “Thank you.”
  • Your child brings you a magazine that you like to read. You say, “Thank you.”
  • You bring your child his or her favorite book. Your child says, “Thank you.”


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