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From Dr. Sally’s Top 100!

21. Check your child’s toys for play value. Here are the four attributes:

1. Great eye appeal.
2. Textured touch.
3. Total interaction.
4. Fun surprise.

22. All learning takes place through the five senses. The more senses an activity has, the more powerful the learning experience. Picture the power of the beach with something to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.

23. Interaction is a key concept. High quality learning takes place when there is a connection not only with the toys but also with other children and adults.

24. Surprise is at the heart of play. Peek-a-boo, guessing games, hidden objects, hiding, and curiosity in general generate a host of impromptu play experiences. Let exploration be your child’s guide!

25. Play is open-ended. Best is when it is created by your child, not focused on any specific results, and continues in your child’s own special way.

~ Dr. Sally

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