March! Rainbow Fun

Go for the Gold!

No matter where you see rainbows, when, or how often, they are always beautiful. While the ones you see do not have pots of gold at the end, they can be easily put there… by you and your imagination.

A number of European countries have rainbow folklore. They spin tales of elusive gold being right there at the end of the rainbow but that somehow no one ever quite gets to have it.

No matter where you are, this is the season to start seeing rainbows. Heated air from the South expands north and mixes with cold air remaining from winter and produces spring storms. The combination of raindrops and sunlight produces the magic of rainbows.

March! The Month of the Rainbows

Make it your fun this month to create all kinds of rainbows with your child—up in the air, as part of a creative drawing, or just by making up your own tall tale.


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