Letter Play!

Technique 85 – Teach the letters in a fun and natural way.

Children’s alphabet blocks… used to be the standard way to teach letters. As the children played with the blocks, they would become familiar with the letters. Then, in addition, adults would casually name one at a time in different natural ways. While stacking and building with a child, an adult might say, “Please pass the one with the ‘A’ on it” or “Oops, you dropped the ‘B.”

While alphabet blocks are not as common today as they used to be, there are other versions. Sometimes you can buy plastic blocks in the shapes of the letters. Other times you will find letter sponges, letter soaps, and all kinds of letter stickers. In addition, you are probably familiar with letter carpets, letter wall hangings, letter pillows, and letter wallpaper that you can buy to match any room decor.

February! The Month of the Heart

Enjoy this very nice way to explain to your child the heart and the amazing way in which it works. 

The heart has four parts, and they are called chambers. The two on the top are called atria. (One is an atrium.) The two on the bottom are called ventricles. Here are their jobs:

Atria – They fill up with blood that they get directly from the body and the lungs and are all ready for when the ventricles need it.

Ventricles – They squirt out their blood (as a beat) to go out to the body and the lungs.

As soon as the ventricles empty, the atria send in the new blood. Then the atria also fill up once again.

If this sounds a lot like circulation, that is because it is. All the blood flows in one forward direction. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen all around the body to keep it nourished and healthy.

Yes, there are wastes too. The blood delivers them to the proper places to exit the body.

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