Language Fun with Three-Year-Olds!

Technique 78 – Speak clearly, correctly and put your best vocabulary forward!

Three Years to Four

Remember that we all understand on a much higher level than we can speak. Since your child is rapidly learning language by the minute, grammar too, pay special attention to how you are modeling your language.

Here are three fun and interesting ways to actively create a language-rich environment for this new and more mature level of development.

Recalling Events

About the Activity: This is especially effective as a bedtime story, but it can be used any time and in many different places.

How to Play: Start telling about the day as it has occurred so far. You say certain parts and guide your child to fill in others. You might have a story that goes something like this. “Once upon a time, there was a little boy named _________. He just loved to …   Just this morning, he got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, and went …  ” You can add as much information as you want. Be as creative as you like and have fun sharing this one-of-a-kind story.

Rhymes and Songs 

About the Activity: Performing a rhyme or song could be great fun for your child.

How to Play: Start off saying or singing together a few familiar ones. Some favorites are “Little Boy Blue,” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “Row Row Row Your Boat,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and “Three Blind Mice.” After your child is comfortable performing with you, see if he or she would like to say or sing one on his or her own.

Simon Says

About the Activity: This is the traditional children’s game that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is such a natural way to play and learn language, especially listening skills.

How to Play: Explain to your child that you will give directions to follow and that you will begin each direction with, “Simon Says.” Explain that sometimes you will give the direction without the words “Simon Says” and that for those times he or she should not follow the directions. Be sure to let your child have many turns giving you the directions. Laugh a lot with your child and enjoy this game.

Excerpted from Constructive Parenting pp. 87-88

Constructive Parenting…

Your child’s vocabulary is building rapidly, and you and those around your child play the biggest role. Story telling can now take center stage, and you will see how much fun he or she will have learning rhymes and songs.


November! The Month of Giving Thanks

Turn an old idea into a new and different format.

Old Idea: Write down a thought a day of something for which your are truly thankful–your favorite breakfast, playing outside, your Grandma and all her love, etc.

New Format: Start off each meal with each person saying a quick thank you for something that he or she experienced during the day.

New Twist: Create the concept to go with a theme like food, clothes, friends, the season, etc. Make this special activity truly meaningful to you, your family, and your current situation.

Bringing thoughts of thanks to your awareness has a magical quality all of its own.


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